Munich Summer Curriculum (MSC) - "Digital Media" (June 29 - August 19)


Dear Prospective Student

Students from all over the world, attending accredited universities, are invited to participate in an exciting and demanding MISU Summer Curriculum: "Digital Media". This program covers subject matter ranging from:

  • Media Management in Digital Environments
  • Media Theory and Communications in Digital Environments
  • UX Design and Human - Computer Interaction (HCI) in Digital Environments
  • Electronic Mass Media in Digital Environments
  • Media Ethics in Digital Environments

Values of the eight-week curriculum include:

  • Immersing yourself in German culture, language and life and studying at one of Germany’s leading universities
  • Interning in a German company
  • Increasing your self - assuredness and self-reliance
  • Demonstrating your willingness to accept new challenges
  • Students can earn 12 ECTS credits / 6 US semester credits 

Advance your career and widen your network !