• Transfer from airport/station in Munich to the student residence on June 19 will be arranged by the program. 
  • Pick-up-service is possible on June 19 until 6 p.m. (Please note: Arrival information has to be sent 4 weeks in advance to arrange the transfer. Deadline is May 22.)
  • Students who don't want to get picked up at the station/airport can also arrange their own transfer.


  • Check-out of the student residence will be on August 25 until 4 p.m.

Student Residence

The participants will reside in one of the LMU student residences “Studentenstadt”. The student housing facility is located six subway stations away from the classroom and city center. 

About the rooms

  • Each student will have their own private apartment with their own small kitchen and bathroom (WC + shower). 
  • The rooms are equipped with bedding (sheets and blankets) which can be washed at one of the laundry rooms in the building.
  • Kitchen utensils (cutlery, cups, plate and pots) will also be provided. 
  • Towels will not be provided. We ask you to acquire these items according to your own personal needs.
  • Internet access is available via Ethernet (LAN) cable. The cable is not provided. Please bring your own.

Please note that student residences are geared towards student needs and financial means. As such do not expect facilities to be luxurious.

Students with health impairment are kindly asked to inform us in the application process.


During your stay you will be responsible to provide your own meals. You should count on spending approximately 15,00 € per day on food. During the week lunch can be purchased at one of the university’s canteens for 3,00 - 7,00 €.