Munich Summer Curriculum International Management + Internship

EU Grades and ECTS Credits

ECTS was developed in order to provide a common point system which can guarantee academic recognition for studies abroad. ECTS credits are based on the workload. Students will be awarded 1 ECTS credit for 25-30 hours of work, including course preparation, attending classes and also self-study and examinations.

MISU defines the following:

Internship (up to 4 weeks, 8 hours/day) 

  • 6 ECTS will be awarded for the Internship / 3 UC credits

Academic program (60 contact/class hours)

  • 6 ECTS credits will be awarded / 3 UC credits

Grading Procedure

There are three grading sections in this course:

60% = Written Exam
30% = Oral presentation, homework assignments
10% = Active participation in class and soft skills

The Academic Board of the LMU Munich defines the requirements and contact hours for successful completion of the courses as follows:

  • regular attendance
  • preparation for and active participation in class and internship
  • attendance and contribution to lectures
  • participation in and contribution to class excursions
  • self study and homework assignments
  • written assignments


Every student will receive an official transcript after the successful completion of all program requirements. The transcript will show the course name and contact hours, the number of acquired credits as well as the achieved grades.

Credit Transfer

Most international colleges and universities accept credits from MISU LMU. However, each institution has its own policy regarding credit acceptance from other institutions. We strongly recommend that students consult with their academic advisor and/or professor to receive credit transfer approval by their home institution before applying to MISU Summer school.